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Halbit LMS
Visual Development
Halbit LMS
Visual Database Testing Environment

Software Development

Capabilities and Expertise

  • Visuals engineering – design & development of visual system solutions
  • Rendering engine
  • OpenGL application
  • Real-time 3D models
  • Terrain modeling
  • Geo specific data bases development using satellite imagery
  • Integrated Logistics Support – post-delivery support, user training


  • Airfield database development for virtual training
  • 3D System simulation model development
  • HMI and display graphics - simulated glass cockpit displays
  • Computer based virtual training systems

Visual Development Tools

  • Presagis Creator for
        - 3D modeling of airports, cultures, Visual Database development, 3D modeling of airports & cultures
  • Presagis Terravista Pro for
         - Terrain development, Visual Database optimization, Integration of 3D models & cultures
  • Presagis Vega Prime for
         - Integration of 3D models & cultures, Environmental effects
  • Presagis VAPS XT for
         - Creating Soft-panel gauges of glass cockpit, HMI/ Embedded display & GUI for MFD, HUD etc
Halbit LMS
Environmental Effects
Halbit LMS
Airfield Database Development
Halbit LMS
3D Model Development