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Learning & Development

We at Halbit develop our employees for success in their role; to be truly customer-centric; and for skills that will enhance their ability, including leadership skills, to relate to others inside and outside the work environment. The more the employees make use of their talent, the better we do as a company.

Most employees join us at different levels in their careers and they need to acquire specific skills to realize their full potential, HALBIT provides them to learn in a stimulating environment and gain knowledge in their area of expertise.

As an engineering company keeping up with the latest technical knowledge is vital. We value our talent and we are ready to provide them training programs to enhance internal competence, giving a strong base of internal employees, leading-edge skills and expertise.

We acquire and disseminate technical know-how through a combination of formal training, job rotations, shadowing of experts or participating in professional networks.

HALBIT learning and development opportunities include:

On-the-Job experiences

  • halbit classroomChallenging work assignments
  • halbit classroomProblem solving opportunities
  • halbit classroomDecision making

Formal learning

  • halbit classroomClassrooms
  • halbit classroomTechnology based
  • halbit classroomSupport tools
  • halbit classroomLearning Plans

Coaching and Development discussion with Managers

  • halbit classroomCoaching and Mentoring
  • halbit classroomShared learning
  • halbit classroomEngaging with peers
  • halbit classroomObservations