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Halbit LMS
Fixed base Full Dome Mirage Mission Simulator
Halbit LMS
Mirage Mission Simulator(MMS) IOS

Flight Training Devices

These are fixed base simulators having aircraft systems & flight models designed to support various stages of aircrew training including general aircraft handling & cockpit procedures, pre-flight & checklist, basic aerobatics, night flying, navigation, instrument flying, combat & weapon delivery, malfunctions & emergency handling. The key facilities include review of flight profiles, practice flying in normal & failure modes, emergency handling with and without instructor’s support (“solo” mode) and analysis of previous flights – playback.

FTD has an aircraft cockpit mounted on a fixed base, furnished with simulated flight instruments, displays, controls, switches and representative force-feel of flight controls. An Instructor Operating Station (IOS) controls training session, post-flight analysis and replay. The devices are available with an optional Mini IOS, integrated with rear cockpit in case of aircraft having the same. FTD is built using COTS hardware & software and includes,

  • Behavioral simulation for flying, tactical, single & joint mode operation capabilities
  • Fixed base platform with cockpit having replica instruments, controls & switches using glass cockpit approach
  • Optional front and rear cockpit, as per requirements
  • Distributed IO System
  • g-seat and g-suit with seat vibration
  • Motion & Control Loading System
  • Semi/ full dome Visual Display System with front/ rear projection, collimated display
  • Visual database using satellite imagery
  • Instructor Operator Stations (IOS) with optional Mini IOS

Halbit LMS
Fixed Base Semi Dome Hawk Mk 132 FTD
Halbit LMS
Hawk Mk 132 FTD IOS
Halbit LMS
Distributed IO System
Halbit LMS
MMS - 14 Projector Visual Display System
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