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Halbit LMS
6 DoF Motion Based Seaking Helicopter FMS
Halbit LMS
Seaking Helicopter FMS Cockpit View

Full Mission Simulator

A Full Mission Simulator (FMS) provides near-real simulation of the aircraft and its mission environment. It recreates aural, motion, visual, and cockpit display presentations in a realistic flight training environment. The aircrew can be trained for landing, take-off, weapon delivery, night flying, formation flying and cockpit procedures under normal, failure and emergency situations. The simulator embeds actual aircraft characteristics based on available flight data and inputs from experienced pilots. FMS can be networked with other training devices in a distributed environment.

FMS is generally a motion based simulator having high fidelity aircraft systems & flight behaviour models. It contains an aircraft cockpit mounted on 6 degree-of-freedom (DoF) motion platform. The cockpit is furnished with actual/ replica flight instruments & controls having representative force-feel of flight controls. Cockpits with roll-in roll-out capabilities are also available to provide training on multiple cockpits using common framework. An IOS controls the training session, flying, post-flight analysis and replay. Majority of the hardware and software are COTS based and include,

  • Full mission simulation capability – flying, tactical, single & joint mode operation
  • 6 DoF motion platform based cockpit having actual/ replica flight instruments & controls as per customer requirements
  • Optional front and rear cockpit, as applicable
  • Distributed based IO System
  • G-Seat and G-Suit with seat vibration
  • Motion & Control Loading System
  • Semi/ full dome Visual Display System with front/ rear projection, collimated display
  • Hi-fidelity visual database using satellite imagery
  • Simulated behavioral models of Avionic & Non-avionic Systems
  • Instructor Operator Stations (IOS) with optional Mini IOS
  • Roll-in roll-out option

Halbit LMS
Seaking FMS - 6 DoF motion System
Halbit LMS
Seaking FMS - Rear Crew Cabin
Halbit LMS
Seaking FMS - Rear Crew Cabin View
Halbit LMS
Seaking FMS - IOS