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Computer Aided Learning System
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CALS - Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS)
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Computer Aided Learning System (CALS)

It is a tool, integrating the computer based training, computer aided instruction and computer aided training management system concepts to provide an e-learning platform for operation & maintenance of an aircraft, ship, submarine, helicopter, or ground equipment. It assists in enhancing the efficiency & effectiveness of a student by imparting the requisite knowledge in a structured way and making him/ her practice the specific skills needed for his/ her operational role. The target audience are,

  • Ground crew of various technical trades
  • Qualified Flying Instructors, Aircrew
  • Strike Navigators, Weapon System Operators
  • Ground Support Staff

The key features of the system include:

  • Interactive, instructor led/ self-learning options
  • Virtual training using animations, videos, audio cues to improve skills
  • Self-evaluation/ evaluation through exams and ratings

It is customized to customer needs through following development stages:

  • Training need analysis
  • Training concept preparation & implementation – developing a learning & content management system
  • Courseware creation as per customer specified curriculum
  • Computer based training content generation
  • Student response monitoring and evaluation system design

Computer Based Training System

Computer based virtual training system is a combination of training on component location, system logic/ operation of the system, troubleshooting, fault isolation procedures, and return-to-service tests using the appropriate test sets in virtual environment. It leads to reduction in remedial training, gate returns and improper removals of system LRUs.