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Part Task Trainers

These provide a facility to meet the training needs posed by the complex system installations on aircraft & helicopter platforms. They replicate specific portions of a task in order to impart the basic skills of the procedure to the trainee. These are predominantly useful for operational and maintenance (O&M) training and helps in saving the operational costs by making the equipment available for actual exploitation rather than training. PTTs can be used for O&M training on various avionics and aircraft systems - electrical, hydraulic, aerial re-fuelling etc.

An Avionics Part-Task Trainer (APTT) provides training on aircraft flight systems consisting of aircraft communication, navigation, weapon delivery and attack system. The simulator hardware and software are easy to maintain and upgrade. The APTT basic hardware represents specific aircraft avionics functions with the cockpit displays configured along with representative pilot controls. Training sessions are conducted using an Instructor station having the necessary control software. APTT software models are highly accurate to simulate real-time behaviour of the aircraft systems for training effectiveness.

Basic hardware representing specific aircraft Avionics functions and displays configures in APTTs along with representative pilot controls. An instructor station with regular control software will be configured to conduct sessions. The software models will be highly accurate to provide real-time representation of the behaviors of the aircraft for training effectiveness.

Halbit LMS
Hawk Mk 132 APTT IOS
Halbit LMS
Hawk Mk 132 APTT - Avionics Displays
Halbit LMS
Hawk Mk 132 Avionics Part Task Trainer